OpenLiteSpeed + Redis Object Cache

Adding Redis to OpenLiteSpeed introduces an additional caching layer, enhancing the performance of your WordPress websites. The first step is to verify your PHP version. This can be done through phpinfo() or via the OpenLiteSpeed web panel. In my case is PHP 7.4 In SSH Now that Redis is installed and operational, let’s proceed to … Read more

WordPress Optimization: Switching from Apache to OpenLiteSpeed

Fast like Nginx and configurable via a web interface, OpenLiteSpeed offers peak performance for caching WordPress sites Choosing the right web server software is crucial for hosting WordPress sites efficiently. OpenLiteSpeed emerges as a superior choice over traditional servers like Apache or Nginx for several compelling reasons. Firstly, OpenLiteSpeed is renowned for its exceptional performance, … Read more

Node, mysql sequential query execution (async/await method)

mysql consecutive queries

This is not a guide to JavaScript callbacks, promise, async/await works, there are many free tutorials made by professionals and simple to find on google Prerequisites:NodeJs 7.6+npm mysqlFor this example, I’ll use the query SELECT sleep(x) to return 0 after x seconds Let’s see the code: The result is: The two queries were run in … Read more

Mysql in NodeJs > pools, select, insert, update, delete and question marks

mysql node

Here some notes on how I do connect node and mysql Note: those note are based on the mysql packageMore info here: $ npm install mysqlI’m not using mysql2 nor sequelize. Disclaimer:This page contains note to how to connect node to mysql, is not meant for production and could have performance and security issues. … Read more

Git bash commands, installation and visual studio code

There are a lot of guides to use git and GitHub, link below.In this page I just put some commands and reminders. Git download and installation Download (win) : Initialize a folder directly and in visual studio code Initializing a folder means make it ready to work with git, when a folder got initialized … Read more

github SSH Keys setup on Windows 10

How to connect your git to github using ssh keys Generate the id_rsa (default) key on windows 10 Add the public key to the github website Start the agent on a git bash session Pass the key to the agent Test the connection in github Auto-log in visual studio code with your key (.ssh\config file) … Read more

Plugin Woocommerce direct logout

WooCommerce request to click on a confirmation link once click “logout”.There are two ways to bypass and remove the “Are you sure you want to log out?” link. Via Plugin I made a small plugin called Direct Logout.This plugin bypasses the WooCommerce logout confirmation link and lets you choose where to redirect the now logged-out … Read more